Life Coaching

Through the Tatori System, we are ambitiously determined
to empower young adults to live healthier and happier lives,
to release old behavioral patterns that no longer work,
to unleash their fullest potential –
to take control of their own sustainable self-reliance and
to live as a creator of their life.

The Tatori System provides self-improvement skills, in up to date formats, for this generation.

The Tatori System, along with our unique, in the trenches, Life Coaching Model and support systems, encourages emerging young adults to unleash their true potential, eliminate limiting beliefs and thinking errors that are hindering us from pursuing our dreams and adopt powerful mindsets that unlock a life that we are truly capable of living.

Traditional therapeutic change models focus primarily on fixing the broken. This is a necessary step to create stabilization and essential foundational work in our lives. However, we cannot stop there.

At Pacia Life, we strive to come up with new life maps that will ultimately render old behaviors that no longer serve us, obsolete.

We stand by the philosophy of Buckminster Fuller, who taught this truth:

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

Through the Tatori Vision, Lens, Dance, and Mirror, we learn a solution focused and systematic way of approaching our goals, dreams, and challenges. Change is accelerated, life mapping is hacked, education is holistic and extraordinary living becomes even more possible for each of us who learn to execute the principals and task.

Using the Tatori method, Pacia Life Puerto Rico mentors use a unique model called Clinically Informed Life Coaching℠ that focuses on the future, identifying and developing possibilities, taking action, building skills, increasing confidence and creating a vision of the future.

Each individual has circumstances and life obstacles that make them unique. Our focus is on establishing a relationship with each student so that we can help them devise a plan for their future and develop skills to move forward.

Like any athletic coach, our Clinical Life Coaches provide students with an understanding of their strengths and challenges, while helping them determine the specific steps necessary to adapt, learn, and achieve their goals.