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Door to Life

Puerta a Vida Puerto Rico is a supportive co-ed community for young adults ages 17 to 25 seeking a specialized experience where they can complete high school or engage in college and career readiness programming.

Door to Life; A Unique Choice for Young Adults. Puerta a Vida is designed to help students transition from their current situation to being self-reliant, resilient and ready to embrace the future. We offer a model that fully integrates individualized educational services educational services and wellness development, coupled with a culturally diverse experience and challenge through water-based recreational activities.

During their 8 to 12 month stay, students work in partnership with their Clinical Liason and Life Coaches to create a viable plan for their future by implementing educational strategy, developing critical life skills, taking personal responsibility, and engaging in community-based activities through volunteerism, internships, or employment. Working with an accomplished and diverse staff, students learn the importance of being aware of their needs in all aspects of life. They also learn how to address those needs by living a balanced lifestyle that fosters autonomy and independence while empowering them to pursue their passions and grow personally.

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Welcome Students!

Whether you found us through your own search or at the recommendation of your parents or an educational consultant, we are glad you are here.

You need to know that choosing to step through your Door to Life isn’t easy. We expect you to work hard to reach your goals, support your peers, give back to the community, and be a leader. You will engage in academic course work, care for your shared living space, learn and practice fundamental skills for independence, volunteer and work in the community and more.

You will also have fun while living in one of the most beautiful regions of the world as you experience the island of Puerto Rico through surfing and other adventure sports, explore national parks and historic sites, and participate in cultural events.

Welcome Parents!

Thank you for considering Puerta a Vida, A Unique Option for the young adult in your family.

If you and your son or daughter decide that Puerta a Vida is a good fit for your family’s situation; you will be an integral part of the support team of advisors that surround your son or daughter. However, we do ask you, as parents, to take a step back from making decisions about how your child’s needs are met and the directions he/she is choosing for the future.

In the course of their Door to Life experience, we ask young adults, to find their own realistic and obtainable direction—one they believe in and will work hard to achieve. You will have an important voice on the team and will have many opportunities to offer support and advice, but it is your child’s life and he or she needs to own it and lead it.

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